12 Ways To Stop A Cat From Climbing The Curtains

Ways To Stop A Cat From Climbing The Curtains

Do you have a cat in your home? Well, if you do you might already be suffering from one of the biggest cons of having a feline friend. Your curtains would be torn and scratched by these climbing feline critters. Well, you can’t blame them for climbing, they are curious by nature and excellent climbers who are drawn to high places.

What better place would be for them rather than scaling those curtains? Still, you will be getting the brunt of that climb in the form of shredded curtain fabrics. So, to help you with this problem, we have made a list of 12 ways to stop a cat from climbing the curtains.

Our 12 Tips & Tricks To Stop A Cat From Climbing The Curtains

Here are our 12 tips and tricks for preventing these naturally curious and playful animals from scaling your window curtains. Create a harmonious life with your pet without sacrificing your curtains.

1. Look For Alternate Climbing Solutions

One thing is for certain and that is that cats won’t stop climbing. So, it’s useless to employ negative reinforcement techniques on them. Rather, we advise you to give them an alternative safe & appealing climbing solution. This can be a tall cat tree; one with multiple levels and durable enough to hold the weight of your cat. To make it more enticing for your cat, dangle some cat toys or add scratch posts on it.

2. Spray Some Citrus Over Your Curtains

Cats have a sharp sense of smell and the biggest turn-off in smells for them is the smell of Citrus. Make a little bit of citrus spray from orange or lemon and spray it over your curtains. A tip to remember here is to first test by spraying on a small area to check if it stains or not. This spray will act as a deterrent instead of a way to punish your cat.

3. Your Cat Wants To Sit By The Window

As we have already said enough times, cats are curious and they want to know what is happening outside. For that window is the only place and they will stop at nothing to satisfy their curiosity. So, if you wish to protect your curtains from these little explorers, simply create a perch for the cat near the window. Be sure to make it in a way that it is easily accessible.

4. Make Use Of A Double-Sided Tape

Cats do not like stuff that is sticky and you can use that to your advantage. Buy some double-sided tape and apply it at the bottom side of your curtains on either side. Now whenever your cat tries to climb the curtains, they will be deterred by this tape. Be sure to use tape that has non-toxic adhesive on it and also won’t damage our curtains.

5. Positive Reinforcement Goes A Long Way

Cats are intelligent creatures that learn quickly if there is enough positive reinforcement for them. For this, you can come up with a strategy where you place alternative climbing structures for the cat. Now, whenever your cat chooses to climb this structure instead of curtains, give them a little treat or a pat on the back. Repeated enough times, the cat will associate these positive reinforcements with it climbing an alternative option.

6. Take Care Of Those Nails

The claws with sharp nails on them are the real culprit behind those torn curtain fabrics. To better tackle the issue, take care of these nails. Make a habit of doing regular trimming of the cat’s claws to limit the damage caused when climbing. Use nail clippers for cats to trim only the tips. Too much cutting of the nails can cause more harm than good for the cat.

7. Cats Are Scared Of Foil

Cats are strange as they have many phobias like cucumber and the smell of citrus. One of these unusual phobias is the fear of aluminum foil. Rather than fear it is a sort of sensory discouragement for them; they do not like the crinky feel of the aluminum foil. Just attach small pieces of aluminum foil on the bottom inches of your curtains. Your cat, seeing the foil attached, won’t be climbing anytime soon.

8. Secure Curtains With Curtain Tie-Backs

A simple-looking curtain tieback is a great way to protect your curtains. You can secure the curtain from the top & the middle to limit the temptation for your feline friend to scale them. With the curtain tied back neatly, the surface area needed for climbing would be less. Plus, using a decorative curtain tie-back adds a touch of style to interior decor.

9. Create a Personal Play Area For Your Cat

Cats love attention and plus they are territorial by nature. To make use of both of these natures, the best way is to create a designated play zone in the house. Fill this area with all the toys, scratch posts, and other stuff that your cat might like. Give your cat daily ample play time to deter it from climbing the curtains.

10. Cover Your Curtains For Some Time

If no tip or trick is working out and your cat is hell-bent on climbing the curtains like a mountaineer, it’s time to cover these curtains – temporarily. Cover them with materials that will feel less appealing to the cat like a plastic drop cloth. This and other such options have a surface that cats cannot hold on to. After the cat loses its interest in scaling the area and the covering, remove it and replace it with curtains.

11. Opt For Window Blinds Or Shades

Curtains have a long length of fabric and this provides a great climbing surface for the cat. Instead, you can opt for window blinds & shades, which are made to measure for window frames. Their design makes it hard for cats to climb. Still, invest in a blind that is made with sturdy materials to resist clawing and scratching.

12. Consult With Your Vet

All cats do curtain climbing but you need to keep into account the frequency of climbing. Any excessive climbing routine might be a sign of an underlying health issue. Due to irritation in the body, the cat might be indulging in these activities. Schedule a date of check-up with your vet to know if your cat is alright or not.

Final Say

Make use of these 12 ways to stop a cat from climbing the curtains, protect your curtains, and enjoy stylish window decor. A little bit of creativity and a whole lot of patience in training your cat will create a harmonious life for you & your cat.

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