wooden blinds Dubai

Shop Premium Wooden Blinds Dubai At 20% Off

Are you looking for a window treatment that can enhance the aesthetics of your place and provide better insulation? Then our wooden blinds Dubai are ideal for you. Manufactured using high-quality wood materials, they can easily withstand damage from various sources and last exceptionally long.

These wooden blinds last around 10 to 12 years.

The average thickness of these blinds is  2-2.5 cm. 

Our blinds are available in different designs and finishes

wooden blinds Dubai
wooden blinds Dubai


We Are The Top-Rated Supplier Of Wooden Blinds In Dubai

Windowblindsdubai.com is a reliable shop to buy wooden shades. Our store has various versions of these blinds, such as faux wood, natural wood, composite wood, etc. Our customers can ideally pick from the varieties of slat size, thickness, wood finish, grain texture, and operating mechanism for desirable window appearances.

You can also get wooden blinds in Dubai that fit the window measurements and specified preferences perfectly. Our wooden window shades can easily withstand damage from rain, moisture, sunlight, wear and tear, and chemical cleaners. So, call us to order these blinds to improve your home’s functionality. 

A Great Place Of Wooden Blinds Dubai for inspiring project contact us now!


Select From Our Latest Wooden Blinds Dubai Designs

window blinds collection dubai
window blinds collection
window blinds
wooden window blinds
wooden window blinds
Roman Blinds Dubai Sample
Wooden Blinds Dubai Sample
Wooden Blinds Sample Dubai


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Explore Versatile Collection Of Our Wooden Blinds in Dubai

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds

Enjoy the aesthetic appeal of real wooden blinds dubai and enhanced window practicality with our top-quality faux wood blinds, which are available at a cheap price.

Exotic Wood Blinds

Exotic Wood Blinds

Check out our premium blinds crafted from the finest hardwood materials, such as Bamboo, Cherry, Oak, and others, for long-lasting home aesthetic elevations.

Stained Wood Blinds

Stained Wood Blinds

Our stained wooden shades are polished to enhance the natural wood grain, adding depth and character to the interior with their rich appearance.

Get Your Wooden Blinds in Dubai Within 3 Days!

We offer the quickest delivery of our wooden blinds in Dubai within 3 to 4 working days at your doorsteps. 


Recent Wooden Blinds Dubai Projects 2024

Wooden Blinds Dubai
Wooden Blinds Dubai
Wooden Blinds In Dubai
Wooden Blinds Dubai
Wooden Blinds Dubai

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Shop Wooden Window Blinds Dubai At Affordable rates

Our premium wooden window shades increase your property values. So, investing in our blinds will increase your home’s reselling value. Furthermore, our wooden blinds are available at very affordable prices, so you can easily buy them. 

Though we keep our charges very affordable, we never compromise on the quality and craftsmanship of our wooden blinds Dubai. Besides all that, our wooden shades are ideal for your living room, bedroom, office, and kitchen. 

wooden blinds in dubai

Benefits Of Purchasing Our Wooden Blinds UAE

Our wooden window shades offer countless benefits that make them crucial for home decor and improve its functionality. Some of these benefits are given below:

Easy Maintenance

Our wooden shades are easy to clean. You can dust them daily with a soft cloth.

Sound Insulation

These wooden blinds in dubai will provide sound insulation to provide a quieter environment. 

wooden blinds dubai

Enhance Privacy

When these blinds are closed, they enhance the privacy of the space by blocking the view.

UV Protection

Our wooden window blinds block the UV rays from the sun to protect the furniture, etc. 

10 Years Experience

10 Years Experience

Premium Quality

Premium Quality

Lifetime Gurantee

Lifetime Gurantee

Top Rated Co

Top Rated Blinds Co

Hire Our Experts For Damage-Free Wooden Blinds Installations

Right after buying our wooden window blinds online in Dubai, you might want to get them fixed by experts. Our team is ready to install these blinds perfectly for the convenience of our customers and to assure them of quality installation.

Our staff is very friendly and professional with all customers. From secure mounting to final finishes, we do everything to make your wooden shades look fine and function perfectly. Additionally, we use very minimal drilling for damage-free wooden blind installation in Dubai. Contact us to book our services. 

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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us For Wooden Window Blinds In Dubai?

We’re a trustworthy and renowned manufacturer and supplier of the finest quality wooden blinds at affordable prices. In addition, a versatile collection of amazing options is available at our stores and online for ideal purchases.

Free Consultation

We offer free consultation to our customers to choose the ideal wooden blinds Dubai.

Better Customer Care

We are active 24/7 in answering customers’ questions and resolving their problems.

Get benefits from affordable customization, the fastest delivery, and hassle-free installation services for wooden window blinds from us.


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FAQs–Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all your blinds-related questions here.

You can also get free samples of our wooden shades in Dubai before the order confirmation. Customer satisfaction is a priority for us, so we always go the extra mile to win their trust and loyalty. You can check blind quality and craftsmanship from the sample and then confirm your order. 

The most popular wood choices for manufacturing window blinds include basswood, faux wood, and hardwood. Exotic hardwoods, such as oak, maple, and cherry, are also mainly used for blind construction.

Yes, they effectively block light and protect privacy. Although you can’t have a complete interior blackout, it’s more than enough to create a dark environment. You can use a blackout lining to improve their privacy and light control properties.

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