11 Ways to Pair Curtains and Blinds Together 

pair curtains and blinds together

Curtains and blinds can be used individually or paired together for a coordinated style. Blending curtains and blinds allows you to enjoy the benefits of both while creating a cohesive aesthetic. There are several smart and easy ways to combine window curtains and blinds for a put-together design. 

Using complementary colors, matching materials, layering different textures, and more can result in windows that are both fashionable and functional. Read on for 11 ways to pair curtains and blinds together. It will help you create innovative and attractive window decor.

11 Easy Ways to Pair Curtains and Blinds Together

Choose Same Colors 

pair curtains and blinds

Selecting curtains and blinds in the same hue, whether a neutral beige or bold emerald green, creates visual harmony. The color connection makes the pair appear purposeful and thought-out. This tactic works especially well for contemporary spaces, unlike more traditional rooms which tend to layer patterns and materials.

Contrast Textures 

contrast texture curtains and blinds

Getting up smooth metal blinds and flowy linen curtains back to back not only mixes styles but also adds interesting depth and dimension. The sheer material lets some light through, and the slat design lets you control how private you want to be. Mixing matte and shiny finishes is another subtle way to wake up the senses.

Anchor With Blinds 

For small square windows, use mini roller shades or narrow wood blinds to frame the space then hang floor-length curtains on either side. The tailored blind border provides balance while the curtain panels add softness and movement. This traditional approach creates an elegant window vignette.

Layer Over Blinds 

High, wide windows present the perfect opportunity to overlay sheers over blinds. During the day, adjust slat angles to redirect sunlight as needed. In the evening, diffuse incoming light by closing the opaque shades and then drawing the sheer panels. The convertible combination allows you to modify the light filters depending on the time and task.

Continuity With Valances 

Valances hide tools and make the space between blinds and curtains look like one piece. Choose a curtain with the same print, color, or material as one of the other elements to make the room look like it flows from the ceiling to the floor. This makes the window look more professional like it was made just for you all in one piece.

Mix Metals and Materials 

There’s no rule that says blinds and curtains have to be made of the same metal. Putting finishes and building materials that are different next to each other creates a nice contrast and is a sign of high quality. Just make sure to stick to two main colors and materials so as not to overwhelm the windows.

Framing With Curtains 

It is normal to put blinds right next to or on top of curtains. A creative spin is to frame roller shades or wood blinds inside curtain panels. Place floor-length drapes a few inches outside the window recess and then place fitted shades in the space between them, like a picture frame. The clean shade insert will stand out against the smooth swirls.

Roman Overlays 

For a distinctively modern style, mount Roman blinds underneath simple roller shades. The layered blind effect not only looks charming but also optimizes privacy and sun control. When the light filtering sheer shade is down, the structured panels below softly diffuse and direct natural daylight eliminating harsh glare. Pull them both up for unobstructed exterior views.

Divide and Conquer 

For spacious bay windows, implementing different treatments in each alcove highlights the various utilities while taming the expansive void. Try combining cordless Roman shades to the sides for light modulation and energy efficiency with a center curtain overlay for style and softness. Avoid pattern overload by sticking to tone-on-tone hues.

Unify With Internal Lighting 

Installing complementary window coverings is one thing but incorporating perfectly placed interior lighting takes cohesion to another level. Position sleek directional sconces right above or beside the frame to wash either curtains or blinds with a delicate glow. Use a matching fixture color as a common thread to create a polished bedside reading nook.

Poodle Clips for Temporary Styling 

Unsure if you want to commit to the layered look long-term? Test out different blind and curtain combinations temporarily with simple poodle clips. Attach drapery panels back onto themselves to shorten as needed while rolling up blinds with clips to customize opacity and reveal more of the window. Enjoy new arrangements every season without reinstalling hardware.

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The Pros and Cons of Pairing Curtains and Blinds Together


  • Allows you to layer different textures and materials for visual interest
  • Adjust layers for customizable light control and privacy
  • Soften hard window edges with curtain panels
  • Conceal window hardware and edges with valances
  • Blinds provide insulation, curtains add sound-dampening
  • More versatility than using one option alone
  • Framing creates an elegant window vignette
  • Overlaying diffuses and redirects natural light
  • Dividing large windows provides customized utility
  • Incorporates function and fashion in one focal point


  • Can be more expensive than a single window covering
  • Layering requires more dusting and cleaning maintenance
  • Extra hardware installation is generally required


Pairing blinds and curtains may seem like an overwhelming styling decision with endless options to evaluate. But keeping these 11 ways to pair curtains and blinds together in mind is a smart approach. It’s easy to make an elegant solution that works better for your windows and home design by using a color link, textures that go well together, creative framing, or clever multi-layering. Try on different looks until you find the one that works best for you.

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