How To Style Sheer Curtains

how to style sheer curtains

Sheer curtains can help add a soft, elegant touch to any room. While thick curtains are better at blocking light, sheers allow in natural light while still providing a bit of privacy. Their airy, lightweight fabric makes them versatile for layering and coordinating with other window treatments.

Top 7 Ideas to Style Sheer Curtains

If you have lightweight window coverings but aren’t sure how to style sheer curtains to make them look their best, check out these seven easy styling ideas:

Layer Them with Room-Darkening Curtains

Layer Them with Room-Darkening Curtains

One of the most popular ways to use sheers is to layer them with another set of curtains in a complementary fabric and color. Hang the sheers directly next to the window, then install another curtain rod a few inches wider out to layer the room-darkening curtains on top. This creates a layered, dimensional look.

When closed, the room-darkening curtains provide complete privacy and block outside light. Opening them up reveals the sheer panels, allowing soft light in while maintaining visibility out the window.

Create a Window Scarf

Adding a fabric window scarf above your sheer panels adds fun height and color. Window scarves make it easy to change up the look just by swapping out fabrics.

For the simplest version, buy or make a rectangular piece of fabric about twice as wide as your window and at least 12 inches longer than the height. Center it directly above the window frame, folding the extra length in half lengthwise behind the rod.

There are no strict rules – get creative with different fabrics like lace, burlap, or seasonal prints. Layer on tassels or trim to dress it up.

Style with String Lights

One trendy way to illuminate your sheers is by threading string lights through the panels. Tiny LED string lights add a whimsical, festive look year-round. The sheer fabric softens the light, creating a pretty glowing effect.

Measure out enough mini-string lights to fit the length and width of the panel. Starting at the top corner, gently push the lights through the sheer alternating front and back, zig-zagging down to the opposite bottom edge. Outline the window on both panels for the most impact.

At night, the sheers will appear illuminated like lanterns. This cheers up any room’s mood instantly!

Add Pretty Sheer Curtain Tiebacks

Draw attention to your gorgeously lit sheers by pulling them back with decorative tiebacks. This keeps the panels securely out of the way to allow more light in.

For many window styles, tiebacks also accentuate the window’s architectural shape. Gathering the fabric dramatizes the height and draws notice to the stained glass or other details above.

From crystals to colorful cords to carved wood, tieback options suit any style. Position them high enough on the panels to create small swag folds. Make sure your tie-backs contrast enough with the sheers to stand out.

Hang Them Over Your Bed

Hang Them Over Your Bed

Dreamy sheer panels hung as a bed canopy instantly transform a basic sleeping space. This fun yet practical trick works over any bed size and frame style. Tailor the amount of fabric to the ceiling height for perfect proportions.

To create a romantic sheer canopy over a bed, use a tension curtain rod that fits inside the bed frame width and secure it to the ceiling or hang from hooks. Drape sheers over the top and allow them to cascade around the mattress. Choose lightweight fabrics that promote relaxation and avoid precision pleating.

For light and the canopy look, tie back the panels during the day; lower them at night for comfort. If full coverage isn’t needed, frame the headboard with sheers and attach shorter panels to the top and sides with hooks or crown molding. This inexpensive DIY upgrade can create an ethereal effect without enclosing the entire bed underneath.

Frame with Architectural Moldings

Sheer curtains gain elegance when hung within architectural trims and moldings. Crown moldings, ceiling medallions, or fretwork panels build up the window styling. Combining sheers with these architectural elements yields dramatic results.

Exposed wood beams also make excellent supports for hanging extra rods or scarf valances. Work with your home’s existing architecture to customize the framing. Paint or finish added elements to match for a cohesive built-in look.

Layer Different Sheer Fabrics and Textures

layer different sheer fabrics and textures

Don’t stop at just one set of sheers! Layering multiple sheer curtains, fabrics and textures over each other at the window adds depth. The combinations are endless.

Hang a breezy, open-weave linen panel behind a soft voile. Accent with lace or mesh overlays. Introduce hints of color with stripes or small prints.

Rods set at varying distances from the window give you space for creativity. Draw focus to the window by varying opacities and allowing some light through all the layers. Your windows will instantly become the room’s focal point!
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Sheer curtains may seem delicate, but if you know how to style sheer curtains they offer limitless style possibilities. Whether you want to soften a room’s look, add dimensional layers, or illuminate windows for drama you can transform spaces with sheers. Follow these tips to creatively set off your sheers. Take them from flat panels to fully designed treatments.

Customize these ideas for your rooms by coordinating colors and complementing your home’s architecture. With the right styling, sheer curtains become statement pieces able to change the entire feel of a room. Bring intrigue and beauty to your windows year-round by displaying your sheers at their best!

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