The Best Blinds for Small Windows – Complete Guide

Best Blinds For Small Windows

If you have small windows in your home, finding the right window treatments can be tricky. Smaller windows come in all different shapes and sizes – from circular windows to corner windows to petite rectangular openings. And when space is limited, the last thing you want is window blinds that overwhelm the window or make your room feel closed in. Many small window shades look good and work well without taking up too much space, which is good news. Some of the best blinds for small windows are shown below.

The Top 7 Best Blinds for Small Windows

1. Mini Blinds

Blinds For Small Windows

Mini blinds, as their name suggests, are designed just for small windows. They feature thinner, shorter slats than standard Venetian blinds, maximizing visibility and airflow without requiring much space to operate.

Within the mini-blind category, there are lots of slat sizes and colors to choose from. Narrower slat sizes around 1/2 inch work best for openings less than 36 inches wide. Wider 1-inch slats can handle widths up to 60 inches. As the skinniest blind slats available, they provide unobstructed views out of small windows. Their slender profile also avoids clunky bulk.

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2. Roller Shades

blinds for small windows

For simple coverage with a streamlined look, roller shades are an ideal choice for small spaces. They roll up onto a tube when raised, requiring zero clearance. That makes them very space-efficient.

Light filtering or room darkening fabrics are available in short heights tailored to petite windows. Manual clutch operation or chain lifts keep controls consolidated to one side. Streamlined fascia or exposed rollers allow installation in even the tightest spots.

3. Cellular Shades

blinds for small windows

Honeycomb cellular shades offer enhanced insulation for energy efficiency. Smaller windows tend to be less efficient than larger ones, making the extra insulation welcome. Cellular shades can help reduce outside noise as well.

The compact cellular structure also provides excellent light filtering and privacy without demanding much depth for installation. Inside or outside mounts work in tight spaces. For added convenience, motorization is available.

4. Pleated Blinds

blinds for small windows

Pleated blinds offer a simple, elegant look that works nicely with smaller windows. Soft, accordion-style pleats flow with flexible fabric that raises and lowers smoothly. Pleated shades come in single-cell and multi-cell versions. Multi-cell pleated shades have two or three accordion folds for a more opaque look. The slimmer profile of single-cell pleated blinds usually suits small spaces best.

Light-diffusing fabrics like linen, lace, or polyester filter light beautifully. Or opt for blackout fabrics if room darkening is the priority. Streamlined fascia keeps the hardware discrete. Inside or outside mounts work even where window sill space is very limited.

5. Faux Wood Blinds

Small Window Blinds

The warm look of wood window blinds adds character to petite windows affordably. Most faux wood blinds feature vinyl slats resembling wood textures and colors like oak, cherry, or whitewashed driftwood.

Narrower slat sizes around one inch or slightly taller suit small spaces best. Raised slats nest compactly to allow maximum light and visibility. Add complementary fabric tapes or sleek metal blind accessories in matching wood tones.

6. Vertical Blinds

Small Window Blinds

When wall space around a window is very limited, vertical blinds save the day. Vertical fabric vanes hang down from a long headrail extending just wider than the window itself. The stacked vanes draw open and closed from side to side without demanding any extra space.

Uniform vane widths from 2 1⁄2 to 3 1⁄2 inches suit most of the windows. For arched windows, curved tracks and bent vanes provide full coverage. Inside or ceiling mounts work where a window sits flush with the wall with a limited header.

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To get the most out of small windows without taking over the room, you need window blinds that are of the right size. Luckily, a lot of the best blinds for small windows can be made to fit well. Think about blind slat sizes that are simple and made to fit small windows. If you follow these tips, you can get treatments that are the right size for even the smallest windows and get beautiful results.

We are the top rated blinds shop in Dubai. I hope you will be able to select best blinds for small windows after reading this guide. If you face any issue, don’t hesitate to comment. We’re here to help and resolve any problem you may encounter. Keep visiting our site for more valuable tricks.

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